Motor Data Files - To download, do the following:

  • Right click on the file below to download
  • "Save Link As" Roadrunner.eng or Roadrunner.rse as appropriate
  • Once saved, make sure the file is in the correct directory on your computer
    • for wRasp, typically c:\program files\c & s software\wrasp
    • for Rocksim v8, typically c:\program files\rocksim 8\data. Then start Rocksim 8, click "File", "Reload Engines", then highlight Roadrunner.rse, click "Add" , then "OK". And finally you have useable motor files!
    • for SpaceCAD, start the program and click "Options", "Launch Engine Editor", "Import", select the wRasp file named Roadrunner.eng, "Yes". Then click "Manufacturers", scroll to the last line and add "RR=Roadrunner Rocketry"
  • For older versions of Rocksim, the wRasp file will work just fine

Of course, if you like to do it the old fashioned way, you can also left click on the file below then copy and paste it to a file named and located as above

Let the sims begin!

wRasp motor data file

Rocksim v8 file

Cluster of 7 Roadrunner G80s

Flown by Dave Schaefer at LDRS 25