Roadrunner Rocket Motors in Action

A Canadian Sprint streaks through the sky on a Roadrunner G80. What a great day to be outdoors flying!

The 4" diameter Mercury Engineering RDR I leaves the field propelled by a Roadrunner F45. Timely ejection ensured it would float back on a parachute for a safe landing in grass.

Photo courtesy of Gary Wood

Photo courtesy of Tim Sapp


A 10 foot tall minimum diameter rocket pierces the sky on a Roadrunner G80. High thrust to get larger rockets off the pads or make the smaller rockets scream. Good tracking smoke to make sure you can follow the streaking flight. Not responsible for whiplash injuries.

Photo courtesy of Alex Mericas

Powered by a Roadrunner G80, Pelham Swift's rocket in his signature black color roars off the pad, taking the launch cables on a flight of their own.

Photo courtesy of Tony Huet